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These are the business tools that we recommend for our clients. All have been tried and tested with either our company or for our clients. These are the top business tools for online and offline marketing.

There are many people who approach us on our small business marketing blog, Marketing Artfully, wanting us to plug this new marketing snake oil or that new get rich quick marketing product. We don’t ever do that, but we DO have suggested products that we want to make sure you know about (actually we keep this list for our marketing and business coaching clients, but everyone is welcome to visit!)

please note that most of these items are affiliate links

Email Marketing, Database and CRM Solutions

When you are choosing a database or email program, you need to buy something that you can grow with, BUT
which will not have so many bells and whistles that you can’t use it effectively. Here are our top picks:

Constant Contact – Email newsletter program. BRILLIANT for the biz owner who just wants to have a place to
store email addresses and be able to send out a newsletter. SUPER easy to use and HTML templates make doing your newsletter easy peasy. Pros – you can enter people manually and make lists. Cons – this is not a database, it is an email system so if you are looking for robust, I would recommend some of the other solutions.

Office Auto Pilot – This is what we use in our business. The great thing is that the program is REALLY robust
with autoresponders, web forms, list management and advanced options. Pros – you can do pretty much anything you want with Office Auto Pilot. Cons – you have to be a little techy and know HTML to make a nice newsletter format.

Aweber – Aweber is an email and contact management program that is for online marketers only (you cannot manually add people from the back end). Pros – LOTS of great email marketing tools. Cons – if you are importing
an older list, you have to get them to double opt in again (my peeps are TERRIBLE at that), and you CANNOT
add people without them doing it themselves. When you are signing up they will tell you that the optins are not mandatory and that you can add people, both are false.

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