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Small Business Coaching and Consulting Overview

What is small business coaching or consulting? Why do you need it, and how have these terms gotten so out of hand?

Let’s start with Small Business Consulting

Small business consulting, or any kind of consulting for that matter has come to mean someone who comes in, makes a great number of somewhat had to implement suggestions and then leaves. I have done consulting for YEARS with hundreds of companies and let me tell you, that is sort of fun. It acts as a, “in a perfect world”, laboratory, but in the real world provides hard to achieve results.

Consulting takes all of the responsibility from the reviewer, and puts it on an already overburdened company.

So what is Small Business Coaching?

I cannot say what ALL small business coaching is, but how I work it is this way… My client and I discover goals and needs within their company, set achievable and realistic (sometimes very aggressive but realistic) milestones and then work to achieve these goals. It keeps me on track to provide real world solutions and it keeps them from shooting out in all directions without any consequences (week long accountability and a total timeline of 3 months max makes this type of “death march” do-able!)

If you would like to find out more about our small business consulting and coaching programs, give me a call today and we will talk about what some possible first steps are for you and your company 727-415-9165.

Tara Jacobsen, owner Marketing Artfully

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