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How To Pick A Business Coach

Okay, this post could seem very self serving as I AM a business coach, but I really believe there are some basic things you should consider when you get ready to pick a business coach! Here are my top questions, in no particular order…

How To Pick A Business CoachDoes your potential coach work in or have clients they work with in your industry? 

As a business coach, I work with Realtors, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. If someone came to me wanting coaching on their job seeking and resume skills or was looking for me to help them get motivated in their business, they would not be a good fit for me. Which leads to…

What is the accountability style of your coach compared to your needs?

My coaching is very activities based. You know from one week to the next EXACTLY what you should get done. Also, there is no crying about being busy and not getting things done. If you say you are going to do something, I assume that you are a big kid and will finish it before we meet again. However, there are many people out there who need to know they can call their coach 10 times a day, get a hug when they are blue and generally have a support person in addition to a coach. Make sure your needs meet your coach’s style!

What are they teaching?

Business coaches come in all stripes from marketing and goal setting (like me) to business planning, prospecting, financial and everything in between. I think that a coach who covers all of that is probably not a master of any of it. You should find a coach that is teaching the discipline that you need.

You should outgrow your coach!

If your coach is trying to sell you a one year plan, they are probably just looking out for your best interests, BUT if your coach is going for a multi-year signup, I would think long and hard about that. A coach should be teaching you skills to help yourself! You should accomplish the goals that are mutually set by you and them and then you should be able to spread your wings and fly…:) Not to say you might not get some coaching, head out into the normal world and swing back for a specific project or new goal, BUT in general the goal should be to make you self sufficient.

Hopefully, these have given you something to think about. Every coach is not for every business owner and you should be VERY careful to be sure that the coach you pick is a good match for your needs!

One final bit about how to pick a business coach…make sure are not just shining you on, telling you what you want to hear in order to get your money. Not that all coaches do this, but there are some in the industry who will say anything to get you hooked. Just be a little mindful of YOUR needs and their skills before signing on the dotted line!

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